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Dr. John Nesan

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044 – 42307394

Dr.John Nesan is a maxillofacial surgeon by profession. He has over 14 years of experience in working with Rapid prototyping and stereolithographic models. He is well connected with a wide network of Multi Speciality surgeons across India.

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Dr Sussie helped me with my measles, and I was fine within weeks. She’s really great and she’s my favourite doctor!

EMILY, 5 years

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JOHN, 6 years

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STEVE, 6.5 years

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Dr. John Nesan

  • Passion
  • Focus
  • His passion is to bring the best in technology to help patients in need .

  • He is actively promoting the applications of 3D printing to the healthcare community.

  • He regularly conducts CME and CDE programs on 3D printing in medical, Dental and Engineering  Intuitions across India.

  • Healthcare professional with a core focus in Technology based Application in Cranio- Maxilofacial Surgery

  • Part of the design team that did the 1st 3D printed Orthognathic splint in India used for orthognathic surgery (facial corrective surgery).

  • Designed and printed India’s 1st Zygoma implant guide for Rajan Dental Hospital.

  • One of the 1st Surgeons to use SRP ( Surgical Rehearsal Platform) on a regular Basis.

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