Aligners are a great alternative for patients who want a straighter smile, but do not want to wear traditional metal braces.

Aligners possess several advantages like no brackets, wires, periodic adjustments, cuts or abrasions, pain or discomfort etc.

This state of the art aligners made of a strong plastic material which has no side effects and are transparent, fabricated to fit each individual’s teeth anatomy.

One of the most effective features to be noticed about aligner is that they require less time only and less number of visits to realign teeth resulting in patients ease in eating habits, dental floss comforts and to sport a healthy smile with confidence.

It has been proven beyond doubt that aligners are one of the most effective, safe and clinically proven cosmetic treatment.


CTARS IPS has a custom made software which can able to guide an implantologist to place an implant in a predetermined surgical plan which will be more precise and accurate to the deep insight about patient anatomy and also helps in reducing the time duration and increasing patient comfort.

No two patients teeth are the same. That’s why each and every CTARS IPS guide is custom made to fit your implant plan and patient’s anatomy.

CTARS is available with tooth or bone ( dentulous or edentulous) supported.


Physically reproducing your patient’s anatomy offers better insight to the complexity of the specific pathology, and provides additional information to come to a diagnosis. These models help you assess the situation and decide on a plan of action before entering the operating room, so you can be better prepared and increase your efficiency in the operating room.

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